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Laser Abilities, LLC is a company that is based upon Engineering support.  Not all jobs are the same, there can be multiple options that you need for a successfull project.  We try to fully understand your needs before starting a project so that we can give you the best output at the best price

Reverse Engineering


CT scanning

We can scan any part for you and give you the output you require.  We will generate models from watertight .stl meshes through as built NURBS models and design intent CAD output.

Let us scan in your parts and overlay them to your CAD model.  this will show you how your parts are varying from design intent.  Not only do you see problem areas, but you can see why the problem areas exist.

When you have parts wtih internal detail, we have partners that use the latest in CT scanning equipment.  this allows for internal scanning, void detection, and great detail without sectioning your parts.

Long Range Scanning

We can scan buildings and large equipment for modeling and inspection.  Laser Abilities utilizes the latest equipment to capture full color and high resolution as needed.


We work with customers to find a solution for your product and design needs.  sometimes it is short term project management, other times it is to create a full workflow for a product including equipment selection.

Custom Hardware

We have worked with custom hardware and software companies to help you create your own product and manufacturing workflow.

Rapid Prototyping

Laser Abilities has partnered with many prototype companies and can work with you for high resolution Objet models as well as full color Z corp models and FDM models.  In addition, we can also provide low volume urethane molds and can work to get you into prototype tooling and production tooling as well.

Product development

Let Laser Abilities help you get your product into design, and work with you to help develop a production plan.  We have the capabilities to create CAD models in any format needed for your application.

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