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Not all service providers are the same.  Many companies that offer scanning will outsource the data processing of the scan data.  While this will save the company money utilizing lower wages elsewhere, it also will jeopardize the accuracy and quality of the data.  Laser Abilities, LLC takes pride in our data quality, we utilize unique data processing that other companies feel is not necessary, but our data quality stands out from the rest. 

It's not always apples to apples.

In today's market, cost is the main factor in many decisions for sourcing many jobs and services.  We try and fully understand your needs before even quoting a job.  many times we get a request to scan in a large tooling application, mold base and all, including a full conversion of the data to a major CAD package.  After a quick review of the project we find that there is only an area on one cavity detail that will be actually needed, and a standard NURBS model is acceptable for the intended use.


This can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a project​, in addition to many days quicker on the delivery. 

Some companies will use 1 person to do the physical scanning of a part, then send the raw data off to another division or company to "outsource" the data processing.  There are many problems with this, mainly quality.  Most scanned parts have detail areas that need to be maintained accurately.  these areas can be washed out or removed completely if the person working on the model had not even seen the actual part being scanned.

We have many jobs that we work on that in the past have been done by other companies.  many times, the customer will notice that our data surface quality is much cleaner and more detailed than that of other vendors.  We take the time to make sure the scanning is done at a level that will meet the needs of the project.

Laser Abilities data

Other company data

This scanning was done on shiny black molded plastic.  We did not need to spray a powder coating on the surface of the part to get a good scan result.  in addition, we did not utilize any noise reduction or smoothing of the data to get a high quality, higher detail surface on the molded part.  The other vendor had used powder on the parts and still had a poor surface finish, some areas had overlapping data by over 1mm which made it difficult for the customer to know what the correct surface was.

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